Friday, April 16, 2010


Have you ever had a week where your expectations were not met? This week has been a week where it seems that every expectation that I had on Monday was not met on Tuesday. It's funny that when my expectations are not met, my response is telling of my heart.

When expectations are not met I can tend to only focus on me. I begin to get irritable with the kids, snap at my wife and forget that I am to serve. As I saw this happening I continued to tell myself..."look what happened to me." Ultimately I realized it was a lack of trust in God. It is easy to trust through difficult times when we "see" Him working...meeting our expectation but, when we don't see Him working, watch out.

It was a challenge to me to give everything to God...which most difficult of all is my expectations.

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 States in Nine Days

The past week my family and I have covered 5 states in 9 days. We went from Ohio to Indiana to Illinois to Iowa to Nebraska. That is a lot of time spent by the family in the car. We returned to my sisters for Easter. What a great time to remember and celebrate the God we serve.

As I thought through our travels, I remembered the distance Christ traveled. From heaven to earth to the cross. He did this for you and me. The next time you travel and experience culture shock...remember the distance Christ traveled for you.