Sunday, August 29, 2010


My wife and I were able to spend the weekend in Philadelphia...It was a weekend of firsts. This was the first time I had a true Philly Cheese Steak, the first time to see the liberty bell and the liberty hall and the first time in Philly. For my wife she had those firsts as well as one other, the first time to ride the subway.

She was nervous as we went down the tunnel under the street, she was nervous as we stood underground waiting for a train that was going fast, and she was nervous about some of the people around us. What created this fear...things she has heard and things that she has seen on tv. For Tammie, the subway was not an awful place where everyone was out to get her, but rather a place that got us from one place to the other for our weekend away.

This is similar to what happens when many people think about Christ. They are fearful of what they have seen, extremist being unloving to others with different views, people standing around judging them because the don't belong, and fighting and bickering over issues that don't matter for eternity.

How we live often reveals to those around us what reality is. Are we showing that following Christ is not what they expect but rather a life that is given to something greater.

Think about what your friends think of Christ and the church, what are you doing to show them it is worth having.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blessed to Be a Blessing

This morning I was challenged to look at Genesis 12 in light of missional living. As I read, it reminded me of one of the most profound experiences in my life. The picture above was taken on a trip that I lead to live out my life the way Christ desired. While in Haiti, I realized that I was blessed despite my income level and net worth (or lack of). I love the challenge that God gave to Abraham. "I will bless you so that you may be blessing." When I read that, it again challenged me in my view of my relationship with Christ.

I am living in the greatest economic crisis that I remember. I don't have a lot of money to give, I don't have a huge investment to start a business or non profit to help others, BUT I AM STILL BLESSED.

I have a home that I can invite people too and share with them hope. I have a loving family who can give hope to a family in crisis. I have enough food to feed an extra person, I have enough room for someone to spend the night, I have been given life experience that I can share with someone in need.

I am blessed. I am blessed beyond what I can comprehend. The question is not am blessed but rather am I a blessing. As you look at the picture above, ask yourself what blessing do I have that I can in turn use to be a blessing. Make this a priority on your journey....BE A BLESSING!!!

Comment and share how you have had opportunity to be blessing....

Monday, August 16, 2010


This past friday night the hot water heater in our house fried the thermostat. This produces no hot water. Saturday and Sunday I stood in a freezing cold shower, lathering up with soap and then as quickly as possible rinsing off.

The cold water took my breath made me miserable. We did what most families would do...WE COMPLAINED.

It was then that we remembered that most of the world struggles daily to get clean water just to drink. They don't have the luxury of turning a faucet or opening the refrigerator and having more clean water than we could even know how to use. Their existence is based around going daily to the well...sometimes an hour journey...just to have fresh water to drink.

As I began to think about the issue with my hot water...I realized that my issue with the water heater would be a blessing to most people in the world. As I got back in the cold shower, I was a little more thankful that at least I had clean water to drink, wash and rinse.

Often if we look at our struggles through the eyes of someone may be a blessing and we don't even realize it.

The next step is not to just realize that we are blessed, but to use the blessings we have to serve others. As you take a shower the next time...contemplate on how you can use your blessing to serve others...let me know what you end up doing.