Friday, June 19, 2009

Biblically Transformational

One of the values that drive my life is seeing people biblically transformed. To some this may be an understood concept but for me it took years to grasp. I grew up in a religious environment which understood the transformation aspect. The emphasis was placed on the behavior. The person who was mature in Christ was the one who looked the part. It was behavior modification with a religous twist.
Then one day I realized that the one's who "looked" the part often struggled with the same heart issues as those who did not "look" the part. Ephesians 4 tells of this process.
It says "to my initial suprise" that believers can live just as those who are far from God. It didn't say in their actions, but in their thinking. It was at this point that I realized that biblical transformation is a changing of the heart and mind.
The verse then goes on to say that the completion of the transformation is the action.
Let's make sure we understand that a heart change produces a behavior change. We need to make sure we address the heart. That's where biblical transformation takes place.

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