Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gone Fishing

In the midst of preparing for teaching Sunday, can't wait too see everyone in Lafayette, IN, I began to daydream. I was reading the passage where the disciples went back to fishing. As I looked at the snow falling outside, I wished I was at the lake fishing (not ice fishing either).

In this passage, Christ asked Peter "do you love me more than these." As I began to think about the question, was it referering to the disciples. Do you love me more than the other disciples? I don't think so, God never asked us to compare ourselves to others, but rather to his standard.

I believe he was refering to the idea of "do you love me more than fish". Don't right me off yet, I believe that the fish laying there represent the secerity of Peter. Christ had died in two chapters previous, he no longer lived every waking moment with Christ. He now was alone and returned to fishing.

How often when faced with tough circumstanes do we turn to comforts of life rather than to serving Christ and others.


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