Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Investments

The start of this New Year has caused me to reflect more than normal. Reflecting on my past as well as dreaming about our future. This past year has been a difficult year and an exciting year all in the same.
Our year began by leaving a ministry that we believed would change the world. It is always difficult when our dreams and plans don’t occur the way we plan. God used this time to teach us more about Him and that He desires His best for our life.
Shortly after that, we were contacted by Gilbert Thurston to consider coming on staff to help plant a church in Harrisburg PA. After meeting with them, praying and discussing the future with my wife, we are convinced that this is what God has for this season of our life. We love serving with
I have been able to do what brings me joy in ministry, helping people discover their dreams and passions and using them to expand the kingdom of God. It has been fun to meet with other organizations and dream about what a community wide partnership could look like. People have come who truly desire to use their gifts, abilities and resources to make a kingdom difference. It has been fun to watch a community of believers begin to actually do life together for the purpose of the kingdom.
As I ponder the future, I turn 37 in a few days. I realize that I am entering the second half of my life. I ask, how can I make the biggest difference for the kingdom of God? As I thought about this I realized it is about investments. Over the next year and the rest of my life I want to invest myself in…
My kids have the potential to change the world. In each of them I see gifts that God can use to turn this world upside down for the kingdom. I want to invest in helping them reach their potential. I want to coach them and help them turn their passions into reality. Investing in them can change the world.
My wife is one of the most gifted people I know. Her ability to talk with those hurting and love them, her ability to practice hospitality and her ability to sacrifice for the well being of other are traits that I want her to use. I want to learn from her as well as help her become all that God desires her to be.
I want to multiply people. Helping others achieve maximum results in their life as they strive to live for God and his kingdom. I am so thankful for people who have coached me along the way and helped me develop ministry and personal skills. I want to invest in others who strive to change their corner of the world for the kingdom.
I want to help the church big C. I want to take the tools I have gained and help other pastors and ministry leaders become all that they can be. I want to see churches working together effectively and release leadership who will reach a new generation and a different culture in a different way.
Relationships are the foundation to life. I want to continue to develop a forever friendship with God, a relationship where I am willing to give up all to follow Him. Talking about making Him famous is one thing, but living it out in my daily life while I go to where those who need Him live, work and play. I want to develop relationships with people who are far from God. In today’s society relationships need to be built in order to begin the discipleship process. I want to look for opportunities meet and leverage those relationships to bring Christ to them.
I have given up on New Year’s resolutions. I usually give up on them, change them or think of things later that are more pressing or require greater attention. So this year I am choosing not to make promises I can’t keep but rather I will choose to invest wisely.
Investing wisely is more than doing, it is evaluating the outcome. As I build this relationship, am I investing in it for the kingdom? As I pour time and energy into this activity, is it for my benefit or the kingdoms? As I invest financially, is it bringing kingdom results?
In 564,500 minutes, what will your investments return? Will it matter for eternity? I pray that my life will long outlast the minutes I have spent on earth. I am committing to investing my life in a way that will make a difference in expanding God’s kingdom.

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  1. May God continue to bless you and your family Chad. You ARE making a difference... and we're glad it's right here in central PA :)

    "It's 'Tuesday', Sunday's coming"

    The Evans family