Monday, December 13, 2010

Girl on Mission

Several weeks ago my daughter decided she wanted to help people in Harrisburg. We were talking and she decided she wanted to help the situation of the homeless population. Caitlyn decided she was going to make some hats for the homeless. In the cold winters, this is how she could help them in their situation.

This afternoon we went downtown and she saw a homeless man and lady under the bridge. She didn't have her hats but she new they were in the car. She came back to the car and got her hats and we went back to the bridge.

At the bridge we met Bill, George and Linda. We told them that Caitlyn had made the hats and would like to give them one. They were so thankful. As we walked away we noticed something, immediately they put their hats on and were smiling as they were talking. Did she change the course of their life, probably not. Her actions did however provide comfort to someone who needed it.

I am proud of Caitlyn, she brought tears to my eyes...she is being the hands of feet of Christ. Her actions reminded me of quote, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." This quote by Mother Teresa was lived out in Caitlyn's life today. What would happen if each of us did little things every day? Sometimes as we "grow up" we look for the big tasks while forgetting that the little things are what bring smiles and comfort to people every day. When we see people, I hope we look on them with compassion and then immediately are moved to serve.

When Jesus arrived, he saw this huge crowd.
At the sight of them, his heart broke
Mark 6:34 (MSG)


  1. Bless you Caitlyn...So proud of you girlie!

  2. Brought tears to my eyes as I read this! She is growing up so fast and has the love of GREAT parents to be an example for her. So sad I missed this moment, but so so proud of her!!! Way to be the hands and feet of Christ! :)