Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Monday

This morning my alarm went off, earlier than normal. I've committed to a healthier lifestyle. I went to the YMCA to exercise. (We will see how long it lasts.) Sometimes we have noble aspirations. We start exercising and if you are like me, often times it happens for a while and then we give up on it.

We have just finished a series on worship. The concept that for too long worship has been a one day a week activity and then it's Monday. This Monday morning how are you doing in your worship? Have you spent time in prayer? Have you spent time reading the Bible? Have you spent time building relationships? Are you viewing your entire life as kingdom work?

For me this morning, besides my commitment to exercise, I also want to renew my commitment to a life of worship. Let's not give up on doing our part for the kingdom.

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