Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Part ... Your Part

Have you ever asked yourself what part you play in kingdom work. The last 20 years of church history has had the potential of harming the church's ability to effectively impact the kingdom. Professional ministers and missionaries, those who do it vocationally, have given the impression that those who may not be "called" into full time ministry are second class citizens of the kingdom. It is interesting to look through the Bible and find those who made a significant impact for the kingdom without out ever giving up their day jobs.

The centurion, Christ healed his daughter, was said to have great faith. It is interesting that God did not tell him to give up all that he had, but rather sent him back to his daily work. If God were to look at our lives, would He say to us that we have great faith? Up until 20 years ago, the church was perpetuated and the kingdom advanced by each person understanding their role, a life sold out to following Christ and impacting the kingdom. Don't let someone tell you or act like a second class kingdom citizen. Do your part, live your part, take charge and ADVANCE THE KINGDOM.

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