Friday, March 13, 2009

Trip to the Airport

Wednesday morning my family and I had the privilege of picking Tammie's parents up from the airport. When ever I am in a public place I begin to watch people, their dress, their relationships, their habits, the funny things they do, etc. As I was watching all of the people, some on cell phones being very animated, others calm, some dressed nicely others casual, some eating others just sitting. As I watched, my mind began to wonder who they are, do they know Christ, if they do, how do they live for Christ.

While all this was running through my mind, and much more, I pondered some thoughts.

1) Can we truly tell a persons spiritual state by their outward appearance?
2) Can someone tell my spiritual state by observing me in a public place?
3) How do you determine if they are spiritually driven or worldly driven?

For years, these questions have been at the root of what I will be speaking on Sunday. Can a person tell if I am worldly by my possessions, dress, house and all the external things of life? Or is worldliness an internal response? Let me know what you think.

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