Thursday, September 16, 2010

What is expected of us?

I was reading this morning and the book started by asking a question similar to the one above, "What is expected of us".

Several years ago my answer would have been to "please God in everything that we do". While this is a biblically correct answer, in my mind this was easy. It only dealt with me. In my life I could please God and ignore things around me. I could do my devotions, prepare a lesson, take care of my family, be kind to those I meet and in all this I could please God.

The picture taken above was on my first trip to Hati. It was this day that changed my view of "what is expected". I stood there and watched as hundreds of kids poured into a tiny kitchen. As I was talking with them, they told me that this place was the only place that they received a quality meal. As I watched, I realized that these children would only have 5 quality meals a week.

As I begin to think about this as well as the plight of sickness, shelter, HIV, and other epidemics facing them, I could no longer just sit and think about how "I" can please God. What I must do to please God, took on a whole new meaning. God desires to use me to change poverty, malnutrishion, lonliness and the list could go on and on. Christ was the one who told us to care for for the widows, fatherless and poor. As you look at the picture, ask yourself "what are you doing to make a difference in the world". Start with you city and together we can make a differnce.

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