Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Excersize by Osmosis

This morning I got up and went downstairs, my wife was hard at work exercising so I sat down and began working on my computer. She got to a new part of the video and sat down to figure out how to accomplish the kickboxing move. I looked up from my computed and laughed. Tammie asked, "can you gain muscle by watching". We got a good laugh.

I began to think about how our Christian life often resembles the question she asked. Can we become mature by just watching. We watch as someone teaches us on Sunday, we watch as others teach us at small groups, we watch as others come and tell us about there spiritual adventures, we watch as we read about others living the Christian life, we watch...

As we look at Christ example of maturity, we must do. Too often we watch and learn but never begin exercising for maturity. How much more fit will we be if we actually do what God expects. What does he expect. He expects us to begin sharing the redemptive story by our actions. These actions are intentional loving acts that will show the love of Christ as we try to tell them of the ultimate love of Christ.

Look at your life, when was the last time you actually "exercised", I am not talking about reading your Bible (although I do recommend you do that), I mean actually living out what it says, feeding the poor, caring for the widow, playing with a fatherless or motherless child, listening to the life story of the oppressed.

Begin today, find someone you can share redemptive love with and do it. You can't gain muscle by watching.

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