Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Matter: Make a Difference

Have you ever caught yourself saying..."DO I REALLY MATTER?" The reality is that more often than not we find ourselves living this way. We go around consumed with the small portion of this world known as "my life". I love the questions that begin with "what if"... By nature I am one who is energized by this question.

The "what if" question that I have been contemplating on lately is "WHAT IF EACH PERSON SAW THEMSELVES CAPABLE OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE". Can you imagine if you and a group of friends decided that you were going to make a difference in your community. You could feed a family for a week, provide clothing for someone who can't afford it, hire someone out of work to do work around your house, care for a child who is not loved, adopt a child, foster a child, volunteer with local agencies...the possibilities are endless.

Our church, is starting an initiative called "You Matter". We want everyone in our community to realize that they matter to us and God. We also want to instill in others that they matter in making a difference.

"You Matter" is designed to help people come together to make a difference through pooling energy and resources. When several come together for a common good much can be done. "You Matter" is also designed because as individuals we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.

As you go through your day, stop focusing on "my life" and begin looking at the lives around you that you are able to touch. Get involved in your community and world. Remember, "YOU MATTER SO GO OUT A MAKE A DIFFERENCE". Volunteer, serve, start something but by all means...stop living the "me life".

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  1. I appreciated your comments especially about getting away from the 'me life'. I suffer from a chronic illness (Lupus) and I find that praying for and encouraging others rather than throwing a pity-party for myself is a blessing as much to me as it is to those I concentrate on.

    Just heard about the Exponential Church happening last night. Neighbor heard it on the news and passed the info on to me. I'm just down the road from the Regal and dh and I have been looking for a church home. I checked out your site but still have lots of questions.

    Read the pastor's blog and someday (if you're interested) I'd be happy to tell you how we left a church home BECAUSE of the Purpose Driven Life series they held. NO, not for the reason you might think. Still, it's amusing but sad.

    I'll follow your blog now and look forward to more on the Exponential Church. God bless!